Green March Milestone in Kingdom's Contemporary History

The Moroccan people celebrate Wednesday, the 44th anniversary of the Green March, a milestone in the process of completing the territorial integrity of the Kingdom.

The Green March is undoubtedly a landmark milestone in Morocco's contemporary history, and it is also an event that marks, for the southern provinces, the beginning of a tremendous economic and social change.

Four decades later, this march continues under the enlightened guidance of His Majesty King Mohammed VI who, in 2015, endowed the southern provinces of the Kingdom with a new model of economic development that consists of a project with a program-contract mobilizing investments of 77 billion dirhams over the 2015-2021 period and a portfolio of around 650 projects.

The celebration of this great popular march offers the opportunity to highlight the need to preserve the national values of the Kingdom and transmit them to the next generation to strengthen their sense of patriotism and enable them to meet the challenges of the present and future. .-News on Western Sahara / Corcas-

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