3,000 Medical Masks Distributed in Boucraâ Province of Laâyoune

Residents of the rural commune of Boucraâ (province of Laâyoune) benefited last week from the free distribution of around 3,000 medical masks and sterilization liquids, as part of prevention measures aimed at combating the spread of the coronavirus ( Covid-19).

Initiated in coordination between the municipal council, Phosboucraa (subsidiary of OCP group) and local authorities, this initiative is also part of the efforts made to support the population in this difficult situation.

The council of the commune of Boucraâ has also launched a campaign of sterilization and massive disinfection of all public facilities, avenues and alleys of this local authority.
Elected officials and agents of authority have also stepped up communication operations to raise awareness of the importance of staying at home, comply with the requirements of the state of health emergency and with the measures decreed by public authorities to stem the spread of this pandemic.
-News on Western Sahara / Corcas-

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