The Museum of Saharan Arts was founded at the headquarters of the House of Culture in Laayoune near the Music Institute and the Conference Hall. Artistic works found in this institution is a model the genuine heritage of Sahrawi culture.

The main halls contain three units.

First unit: contains photographs on archaeological sites (graves, rock sculptures which go back to the prehistoric era(500-600 years BC).

•Model of the coranic school with all its components
•Model of the tent and all its components which reflects the social and economic position of the owner.

Second unit: allow visitors to know:

•Equipment of camels which are the preferred means of transportation in the Saharan regions.
•A number of saddles

Third unit: contains the local hand made works including traditional habits, jewelleries and musical instruments.

The second and third halls: contain leather products characterized by their artistic richness and diversity.

Address: Museum of Saharan arts, House of Culture Oum Al-Saad square- Laayoune

Phone: 212

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