Cultural Festivals

4th session of Tan Tan festival
From November 30th till December 3rd, 2007













Opening of the 4th session of Tan Tan cultural festival

The 4th session of Tan Tan cultural Moussem was inaugurated, on Saturday December 1, 2007, by Mrs Touria Jabrane, minister of culture, with Mr. Mohamed Bousaid, minister of tourism and trade, Ahmed Marjis governor of the province of Tan Tan, Keating Minous, ambassador of goodwill with the UNESCO.

The minister of culture declared at the event that this festival represents an advance which should be reinforced to become a stage of building and promotion and a date for partnerships. In addition, Mrs Touria Jabrane has signed two partnership agreements with the president of the Provincial Council regarding the installation of an ethnographic museum, and with the president of Lmasiadà commune to promote rock heritage. This session took place in the presence of Mr Eduardo Frey, president of the Chilean Chamber of Senators which was chosen as guest of honour for this session.









Source : Website of the Ministry of Culture

Second festival of Boujdour province
Boujdour November 3-6 2007

Boujdour hosts the city’s second festival
Boujdour Second Festival: reproduction of history and yearning for the future

The few days we spent in Boujdour, or city of challenge, as called by Moroccans; were not enough to judge it, Is it the city of al-Hassani culture and art, or is it just looking to become one?

The question we asked as observers and "researchers" is where did they obtain in this city, which sits on the shoulder of the Sahara, and extends its arm to embrace the Atlantic, this stockpile of Albizan Heritage who settled the land, questioned it and got the "password". They managed to make out of this land life, creating camles from the dust and poetry from its rocks... 

We had a feeling of pride and confidence when we were watching those outstanding performances presented by this beautiful city, because the people of Morocco, this fraternal country, looking with confidence for the future, understood –regardless of the diversity and richness of their culture - that the label of nations, and "badge", required to enter the world’s Forum hold the heritage of civilization and culture of the nation. 

Thanks to this "hallmark" a nation can find a seat among the world’s countries... Brotherly Morocco understands this equation, and began combining the two approaches. On the one hand, you will find festivals, symposiums on heritage and history transforming the country into a vibrant painting. You will also discover miracles in construction, manufacturing, architecture and infrastructure ... 

The city of Boujdour embodied these two images surprisingly ... During the annual festival, equestrian show was amazing; Cavalry ware wearing white and blue traditional clothes, luxury leather belts, and riding horses and firing gunpowder. The show takes viewers to the depth of history; the history of equestrian acrobatics famous in the region.

The camel race is no less beautiful and wonderful, they gave outstanding performances in a long race field recognized by the media who attended the event as unique and innovative.
There were also shooting competitions and many other games... 

When you come back to the tents erected as if grown in their own environment, you don’t miss a tool of nomads you knew or heard about, in addition to all aspects of their civilization.

The literary, music and song seminars reflect the fragrance of a distant past, while you sit on the sofa ... Guests admired shows, as well as the generosity of the organizers of Boujdour festival making the city deserves "city of Hassani culture and art ". 

The second aspect of this painting is the fact that the city is experiencing urban and developmental renaissance deserving admiration and appreciation. The port still under construction, roads, industrial and tourism districts, traditional fishing villages, and projects of a promising future, all demonstrate that the city is a microcosm of what this brotherly country wants to achieve…  

Hence, Boujdour’s second festival was the reproduction of history since it took us to the "Roots" through live models demonstrating that our brothers in Morocco are building on this historic structure their modern renaissance in a climate of freedom and pluralism, proved by what is written in the press and what you hear in seminars and forums .. They are making their history while praising and paying tribute to King Mohammed VI, king of democracy, and a father of the poor and the needy ...

  I made this speech in the second evening of of Boujdour’s festival, organized in tents in the desert, dated November 5, 2007 .. It was a poetic evening by all standards .. the Resonance of cups of tea on burning coal was in line with rings, bands and tunes of groups from Mauritania, Morocco and the Arab world .. my speech was an attempt to enter the world of beauty.. World of nostalgia in Hassani literature...

Mohamed Lamine Ould Ahzana
Mauritanian researcher and writer

  With the participation of elected personalities and civil society and with the support of the National Initiative for Human Development, under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, on the occasion of the anniversary of 32th Green March, Boujdour province organizes Boujdour’s second festival from November 03, 2007 until November 06. The festival  slogan will be: "Autonomy, strategic choice for the rehabilitation of local resources"

This second version will be an occasion to highlight the deep cultural and tourist development dimension of the territory which repapered after the recovery of our southern provines. It wall also allow presenting the region’s qualifications and tremendous development efforts seeking to reach comprehensive development.

The festival program will include a variety of cultural activities including: a symposium on autonomy on Sunday, 4 November 2007 with the participation of sociologists Abdel Rahim Atari, Mohamed Dahman from the University of Ibn Toufail, Abdelmajid Bghazal, member of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs, Dr. Riyad Fakhri, Emeritus of the University of Settat and Dr. Abdesalam Ben Haddou, Doyen of the Tangier-based Faculty of Legal, Economic, and Social sciences,  along with a meeting on the National Initiative for Human Development and the prospects of investment and employment in the region with the contribution of CORCAS, Regional Investment Council, Municipal Council, Regional Council, the Agency for Social Development, South Agency, and Agency for Employment Rehabilitation and Development, Outfit Directorate (Ports Department), Deposit and Management Fund and the National Bureau of the Ministry of Maritime Fishing.  

Another lecture on «Camels Breeding Between Heritage and Prospects of Modernization," will be given outdoor as a form of new cultural activities. The Program also includes a poetry tent with poets from the Arab Gulf and Mauritania in addition to Moroccan poets in various kinds of poetry.

The festival will include tow major sport events which are the international road race, managed by former champion Muhammad Zreiguinat, which is characterized by the participation of more than 14 athletes from all over the world of different nationalities, notably Algeria, Kenya, France...

There will also be an international Tai Boxing competition with the participation of Spanish champions, as well as qualifiers  in  various marine games and fishing in addition to the organization of various exhibitions of traditional industry with more than 10 provinces participating.
Medical campaigns in various medical disciplines will be held with the participation of doctors and surgeons from different cities. The program includes art evenings to pay tribute to social and economic actors. The event will witness the attendance of eminent personalities in the world of culture and arts.

Media Committee Boujdour Festival

Rawafid Awzane International Festival 
Laayoune 20-29 July, 2007

Rawafid Awzane International Festival  was organized under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI during July 19-29, 2007, in order to highlight the of cultural, historical and touristy dimensions of the region. The Festival was an opportunity to celebrate local and international cultural and creative activities in music, film and visual arts, sports and other cultural fields.

The festival introduced a number of scientific lectures on improving the production of camels, cultural specificities and intercultural dialogue. The lectures was given by a group of local and foreign professors particularly from France, Belgium, in addition to the cinematic days during which training courses were organized in scenario for a number of young people interested in Art.

A Training session was organized in dancing, singing and music for the benefit of local music groups. The Renaissance Square hosted the Festival Fair, which included three galleries namely: Fine Art, Handicraft, in addition to the gallery of associations and cooperatives.

Rawafid Azwane Internatinal Festival

It was 6.30 pm Friday evening of July 20, 2007 when a parade started in Laayoune, southern of Morocco- 1200km away from Rabat, where people met at an atmosphere full with love and generosity. They made of sand granules gold jewels and valuable ancient old ornaments. The place had a unique fragrance emitted from throats, drums and joy of women, to magically paint the folklore paintings of the region. The event outlined in one hour the symbols of cultural and social heritage of the Moroccan Sahara.

This convoy was headed by Saharan children and girls, memorizers of the Quran and Associations for the fight against illiteracy holding the slogan: "Read in the name of your Lord," in addition to other women's groups which smartly picked up ancestors heritage and transformed it into pilot-experiences in the fight against poverty and unemployment, particularly in the textile and sewing fields.

Because the Saharan wedding is an old tradition full of several rituals, the convoy reflected this popular heritage which does not lack humour.

Sahrawi Women  wearing the traditional mlahfa clothes carry on their heads or in hands traditional products found in every desert tent; especially tea equipment, the bride clothes, kitchen utensils…

After this event, visitors and residents of the city of Laayoune assisted the opening of Awzane Festival. Awzane is a Hassani Amazigh word meaning art or music- at the Conference Palace. Hajbouha Zoubair, head of the festival and the head of Saquia Al Hamra Coalition said on this occasion that this event is an opportunity for dialogue and exchange of expertise and experience between artists from around the world. This makes of the festival a real source of culture and arts.

Hajabouha added at a special declaration to Islam Online. Net: "The most important characteristic of this festival, in addition to the music emanating from local specificities to meet with cultures worldwide, is the camel races that are expected to break the world record for this type of racing which is in the possession of the United Arab Emirates, with the participation of more than 460 camels.
It is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. "

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