Spanish Journalist Manuel Vidal presents in Las Palmas Sahara from Canaries

Spanish journalist Manuel Vidal, the national journalism prize, presented his book "Cronicas: el Sahara desde Canarias" (Chronicles: Sahara from the Canaries) on Thursday night in Las Palmas.

123 pages, average size published by Alhulia), the author highlights the different aspects of daily life in the southern provinces of the Kingdom, their history and the socio-economic and cultural development they have known since their return to the motherland.

This publication was presented to the prestigious "Royal Society of Friends of the Country of Gran Canaria" (RSAPGC), in the presence of an audience of researchers, academicians, politicians and Canaries, as well as the Consul General of the Kingdom from Morocco to Las Palmas, Ahmed Moussa.

Speaking on this occasion, the former senator and Spanish MP, Javier Sanchez-Simon, put forward the effort provided by the author, connoisseur of the reality of the Moroccan Sahara, especially thanks to these numerous travels and stays in the region, but also thanks to his personal commitment as a veteran journalist anxious to bring the Spanish reader in general and Canarian in particular a reality on the ground forgotten in the writings on the Sahara issue.

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