Support Group for Morocco's Territorial Integrity Hails Strong Development Momentum in Southern Provinces

The Support Group for Morocco's Territorial Integrity in Geneva welcomed, here Friday, the strong development momentum in the Kingdom’s southern provinces.

In statements to the press following their talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Nasser Bourita, the Group’s delegation welcomed the economic development in the southern provinces under the far-sighted leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. In this regard, Comoros’ Ambassador Permanent Representative in Geneva, Sultan Chouzour, said that he had "the great chance to witness first-hand the great progress made in such a short time in these regions", reiterating the Group's support for Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara. He also highlighted the Royal commitment to improving the living standards of the inhabitants of the southern provinces, as well as the kingdom’s will to establish itself as a bridge between the North and the South. For his part, Bahrain’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office, Hasan Moosa Ghulam Shafaei, recalled that a delegation of ambassadors accredited to the United Nations in Geneva visited the southern cities of Dakhla and Laâyoune, marked by meetings with local officials, representatives of civil society, human rights organizations and citizens. This visit allowed us to witness first-hand the significant progress in the southern provinces, thanks to the extraordinary efforts and the ambitious development projects in the region, he pointed out. Gambia’s Ambassador Permanent Representative in Geneva, Muhammadou M.O.Kah, underlined that the ongoing progress in the southern provinces testifies to the foresight of the vision of HM King Mohammed VI for the development of this part of the Moroccan territory. "The kingdom’s southern region is no different from other regions of Morocco," he stressed, adding that it is a region experiencing significant development and enjoying stability and high living standards that meet the aspirations of citizens. Morocco’s southern provinces are also a gateway to the African continent, he pointed out, noting that this region is predestined for a very promising future. News and events on Western Sahara issue/ CORCAS

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