11th Edition of Prophet's Praise Festival kicks off in Laayoune

The 11th edition of the Prophet's Praise Festival, organized by the Hassaniya Musicians Association for Heritage and Social Development, kicked off on Friday evening at the Oum El Saad House of Culture in Laayoune, under the slogan "Preservation of cultural heritage for generations." The festival is organized in partnership with the Regional Directorate of Culture in Laayoune-Saqia El Hamra.

The three-day cultural event, organized in partnership with the Regional Directorate of Culture in Laayoune-Saqia el-Hamra, aims to preserve the authentic art of praise and hearing, as an essential tributary of Morocco's cultural heritage. Organized in cooperation with the governorate of Laayoune-Saguia el-Hamra, the regional council, the collective council of Laayoune and the Agency for the Economic and Social Revitalization and Development of the Southern Provinces, this edition features the participation of about ten groups, including a number of renowned praise singers from the southern provinces, as well as a group from Mauritania. During the first evening of the festival, lovers of religious and spiritual music were entertained by the praises of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), in addition to poetry readings and folkloric performances drawn from the Hassani heritage, to the tune of melodious Hassani music. During this spiritual evening, teams presented a range of tunes and melodies in praise of the Prophet and traditional religious songs, taking the audience into a mystical atmosphere during the holy month of Ramadan. The regional director of culture, Sidi Ahmoudi Filali, said in a speech on the occasion that the organization of this festival comes within the framework of the implementation of the cultural component of the development model for the southern provinces of the Kingdom. He added that this cultural event is also part of the projects of the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication - Culture Sector aimed at protecting and preserving the Hassani oral heritage, as well as the implementation of the provisions of the Kingdom's Constitution, which makes the Hassani component one of the tributaries of Moroccan identity and culture. He pointed out that the festival aims to bring this authentic Hassani art closer to its fans in the southern regions of the Kingdom, expressing his hope that the Association of Hassani Musicians for Heritage and Social Development will be able to include the art of Hassani praise in the programs of national and international festivals, as is the case with the Festival of Spiritual Music in Fez. For his part, the president of the association, Massoud Afrith, said that the organization of this cultural event aims to valorize this authentic art and anchor it in the minds of younger generations, with the aim of preserving it and ensuring its transmission from one generation to the next. Since its creation in 2007, the Association of Hassani musicians has managed to organize a series of cultural events in the three southern regions, he added, expressing his hope that this festival will be programmed as part of the annual map of national festivals. As part of the activities of this artistic festival, a number of actors will be honored in recognition of their efforts to enrich the cultural heritage at the regional level, preserve the Hassani cultural heritage, and encourage local talents to preserve the Kingdom's Saharawi cultural heritage.

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