Third edition of Dakhla festival will be held from February 28 to March 3rd

The 3rd "Sea and Desert" festival will be held from February 28 to March 3 in the southern city of Dakhla, under the theme "Man and Space: Development stakes," organizers said here Wednesday.

The festival, organized by the "Sea and Desert" festival association and local partners, aims to showcase the assets the region boasts and promote the Hassani cultural legacy, they said at a press conference.

    The program features musical and sports workshops for children, excursions as well as surf, windsurf, kit surf events. The festival also features exhibitions involving world champions from France, Australia, and Switzerland.

    A select group of international and national musicians will hit the stage in the festival, including Selmou (hassani music), Hoba-Hoba Spirit, Najat Atabou (Moroccan popular music), Faudel (Algeria), Yuri buenaventura (Colombia), Winston Macanuff (Jamaica), Jean François Sicart (France) and Troy Von Balthazar (Hawaii).

    This year's edition will be dedicated to the social dimension and will sponsor an event devoted for women, where young Sahrawis will meet with world surfing champions mainly Marion Raïsi (France) and Anne-Marie Reichmann (Germany).

Source: MAP
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