Silver work

Metal work includes gold, copper, iron and silver. However, silverwork is the widespread activity in the southern provinces especially jewellery. It is mainly men who carry out this work but women also begin to be interested in this activity.

Silver craftsman makes rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces by using kilns and traditional tools. The elementary character of the manufacturing process, starting from melting metals on a traditional kiln and ending by finishing and precision work, does not affect the beauty of these creations.

Indisputably, foot bracelet or Khalkhal remains the symbol of beauty in the southern provinces. Khalkhal is worn by women on the ankles.

Khalkha is made of two identical silver pieces which can exceed one kilogramme. Afterwards, the craftsman makes drawings and ideograms on  raw material with rare precision. Generally, these sculptures represent the Sahrawi culture as well as the customs and traditions of life in the desert.

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