Art Gallery

The art gallery of the Sahara in Laayoune was inaugurated in 2001. It is located in the Culture House which hosts also a music academy and a conference hall. Collections representing the local cultural patrimony are exposed in three halls.



The main hall includes a number of sections:

Section 1: contains photographs on archaeological sites (tombs, rite sites and rock engravings going back to the prehistorian Neolithic period, reconstitution of the coranic school:  mat, wooden shelves, ink and place of the teacher.

Section 2: offer to the visitor dromedaries’ accessories which are the most preferred animals in the Sahara by its utility and its adaptation to the environment. A number of saddles. 

Section 3: is composed of collections representing the local handicraft including, jewels, female habits and musical instruments. Halls 2 and 3 are dedicated for leather objects showing the diversity and richness of these products (bags, wallets, pillows and saddles…)


Culture House
Place oum Saâd Laâyoune
Phone: ( 212) 28 99-33-99

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