Literature & Poetry

As an integral part of the southern culture and populations, the Hassani literature talks about poems, proverbs, history, tales and riddles.

Poetry, the dominant literary aspect of the Hassani culture, is a wide-spread artistic means of expression in the southern regions and refers to various subjects such as the problems of Sahrawi people and their customs and traditions. It contributes to the animation of the social life through familial and tribal meetings and also through cultural manifestations like songs and dances.

Popular proverbs play a major part in the Hassani culture and are considered as a source of wisdom.
These proverbs transmit moral lessons to the coming generations resulting mainly from veracious stories and individual and collective experiences.

Hassani tales are characterized by richness of narrations and imaginary of the Sahrawi population. This type of literature offers to the reader entertaining stories and adventures.

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