Musical Evening Party

Sahrawi music is a mixture of Arab and African music. The latter intervenes mainly at the rhythm level. Dancing on Hassani music is carried out on the basis of the rhythmic sounds of drums. One of which has the form of a container closed by a peace of stretched skin.


Some Sahrawi men dance on sand dunes; women, on the other hand, accompany them by making expressive movements prerequisite for dancing. 

It should be noted that the ingeniousness of Sahrawi women relating to this artistic expression appears as soon as they put their hand on a drum. They express their emotions of joy and well-being through rhythmic and sensual movements of hands and fingers.

These greenish fingers, dyed with henna, draw patterns in the air which gives Sahrawi dancing an unbelievable expressive sense.

In this respect, Sahrawi women express their dances on all occasions particularly during national festivals, religious ceremonies, family meetings and marriages.

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