Poetry Evening Party

Poetry in general and Hassani poetry in particular is a set of scattered words originally deprived from sense and life. Sahrawi poets arrange and gather them to constitute a body which is full of meanings and life and which transports ideas through an emotional and sentimental vision throughout the desert’s corridors.

Poetic prose in the Hassani poerty deals with beauty, ugliness, sins, death, and all things referring to life.

The Popular Hassani poetry comprises several rules including the just and recommended poetic structure, tolerated structure and prohibited and obligatory structures. In all cases, Hassani poets master verse ends with greatest precaution.

Hassani poets witnessed two development stages. The first appeared before the emergence of music. During this period, Hasani poets did not give importance to verses’ ends and to the elementary rule of poetry. With the emergence of music, Hassani poets gave more importance to diagrams of rhymes, caesuras, hiatus, diphthongs, images and other rhythm games.

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