Sahrawi music is a mixture of Arabic and African music. The latter is illustrated by the rhythm and resonance of the percussions of the region’s tom-toms and drums.

The Sahrawi musician, called Igyou, carries out his music using instruments called Azouane. Sahrawi music is characterized by its close relationship to Hassani poetry. They are deeply united since music is the only means for poetry to be heard, understood and appreciated.

Concerning dancing, called Arguiss, it is an artistic expression practised by both men and women in addition to youth.  With regard to men, it is a confrontation of two Sahrawis on musical rhythms where they devoutly perform original leg movements. This dance is called Kiira.

Sahrawi women dance as well, covering themselves with their slightly transparent veils called Mlahfa. They accompany their dances with a sensual movement of hands and fingers. This dance is called Tritim and is performed on a slower rhythm which is preferred by Sahrawi young girls called Kamba bi bi.

Women dancing is much more expressive than that of men. Generally, their expression reflects their state of mind and their sensitivity.

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