It is a number of tents on a piece of land or territory known under the name of Manzilah (camp site).
Lfrig has all production means: herd, herdsmen, Al M’allem tent (master craftsman), Faqih tent (jurisconsult), prayer place called Al Moussalah (a piece of land covered with sand and delimited by stones) in front of Al qibla to the direction of Mecca.


During the month of Ramadan, customs and traditions vary from one family to another and from one desert zone to another throughout all the Sahara. These differences depend on climate conditions. During the raining season, the desert becomes productive therefore people do not suffer from water and food problems. At drought and when there is water shortage, Sahrawi families are obliged to look for places where water and plants are available for themselves and for their cattle. In this case, they settle at oases. This is called Al Ketna (or collective camping) established at oases to benefit from dates abundance.

The common Al Ketna takes places at oases during the holy month of Ramadan depending on some conditions. The Sahara inhabitants prefer cows’ milk more than camels’ milk since the former is fatter which makes him better in quality. Some Sahrawi families prefer to prepare a mixture of dates and dried milk as meal to break fast and serve guests.

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