Kbeebah (ball of thread or hank of yarn):

The Kbeebah game is among the most popular games ever conceived and devised by the mind and the imagination of Sahraoui people, in their search of entertainment and instruction. The game is intended for young people, by way of preparation for horse and camel-riding. The game is collective, bringing together two teams made up of no fewer than four players. Each member of one team would carry a corresponding member from the other team. The members of the team which is being carried start tossing a medium-sized ball, made of cloth or goat/camel hair, among themselves. When the ball is dropped, the team of carriers picks up the ball, chases the other team-members, and throws the ball at them. If the ball touches one of them, the roles are reversed so that the team of carriers is now carried by the members of the team who have been previously carried. If, on the other hand, no member is touched by the ball, the situation stays the same with the members of one team trying to hit a member of the other team.


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