Boulaghmane is regarded as one of the most important meals among the inhabitants of the Saharan provinces. It is prepared with dried barley crushed beforehand to become what we call Magli or Amagla.

At the second stage, the flour resulting from the crushed barley is put on a special bowl known as Keddah. Then the flour is mixed with hot water, sugar and one or two pinches of salt in order to improve taste, after we add pure butter that Sahrawis call Dah.

Some people prefer to add Wadak (melted perfectly distilled camel fat), or olive oil.

Boulaghmane is considered as a nutritive meal, easy to prepare. For Sahrawis, it is the best food that a traveller can carry because it eliminates hunger and thirst.

Most of the time, Sahrawis prepare Boulaghmane during the month of Ramadan at the Shour time, the last meal before sunrise.

It is also prepared for people suffering from fat accumulation in the stomach.

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