Medicinal Spices

Sahrawis are extremely attached to their land and their living spaces. A number of their cultivation and plantations are used to cure aches and diseases. Sahrawis experiment in the field of plants and medicinal spices makes them more attached to their environment.

Aqendi disease is the most widespread. It is manifested by fever, dizziness and hearing problems and occurs after an abuse of salted or acid meals. This disease is cured thanks to an orange coloured plant imported from Mauritania called Tajmaakhet.

Among the other diseases spread in the Sahara one can mention:

Aouragh: it results from an excess in food or sugar consumption
Lamhour: Throat pain
Kachouch: it is the name given to flu ache Achchgiga: headache

Amakhssour: severe disease that pregnant women suffer from

Ajlala : eye disease

It should be mentioned that living conditions in the desert, in spite of its roughness, gives to Sahrawis a considerable desire to enjoy life pleasures: parties between friends and family members, trips, long travelling...

Sahrawis grasp all opportunities to maintain bonds with their ancestral culture conferred to them by their living spaces. Their interest in medicinal plants perfectly illustrates this fact.

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