Life in the Desert

The Sahara region is characterized by its desert and rain shortage. Life is hard and demography there is the lowest in the world. The region’s inhabitants are called Bedouins. These populations are accustomed to the desert harshness.

The Sahrawi society is characterized by its ancient customs and traditions regarding different living aspects including birth, old age, feasts, religious ceremonies and rituals relating to the holy month of Ramadan in addition to the Sahrawi cooking art and traditional clothing for Sahrawi men and women.
Like all Moroccans, Sahrawis are hospital, sociable and solidary. They also have an innate sense of respect for their animals and cattle.

In addition, there are other traditions relating to the traditional cooking art i.e. popular food and beverage and traditional clothing such as "Mlahfa" for women and "Daraa" for men.

There are also rituals of generosity, hospitality and entertainment, rituals relating to house arrangement (tent or modern house), education, solidarity and the relationship with livestock and various animals including the distinguished camel, the Sahara ship, which is never tired under whatever circumstances.

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