Camel rearing

The relationship between Sahrawis and camels goes back to ancient ages. Sahrawis call this animal the ship of the desert for his endurance capacities and travels in the desert.

Camels have occupied distinguished position in Sahrawis life for many years. This same position has been kept for young generations who are aware of the camels role is their ancestors’ development: they were their only living source and their unique transportation means.

Camels are resisting animals and can be adapted without difficulty to life in the desert like Bedouins. They are soft and are characterized by great intelligence. They are calm and effective regardless of climate conditions.

They share the same emotions of their master: if the latter is scared, camels behave likewise and try to defend him. Sometimes, they can warn their master of an imminent danger by moving their head to the direction of the danger so they stand up inviting their master to leave.

This devoted behaviour makes of camels the most faithful and most loved friends of Sahrawis.

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