This is a loose gown with two openings on the sides and a pocket on the breast. The gown is usually either white or blue. Under the Derrā`ah men wear wide and loose pants which resemble the traditional pants worn by men in the northern Moroccan provinces. The pants are made of roughly seven meters of fabric. Lakchatt, the belt, which is made of very smooth leader and endowed with a metal link, called Al-Halkah, is long touching even the ground. On their heads, Sahraoui men put on a black Lithām (a head and face cover). People differ in the interpretations given to the cover: while some believe that it symbolizes diffidence, others argue that it is intended to shield the face against heat, sun-burns, and the harshness of the environment. On some occasions, the Sahraoui man may put on two white Derrā`ah underneath a blue one.

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